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sometimes you dont need reverse shells

btw… the box is very straight forward and so ez…
@kavigihan nice work man… :fire:

Machine very easy but not bad for beginners.
User: i mean search stuff and try them
privesc: search for stuff and do what u know with them
root: study how the language works and how u can leverage after u solved the first problem

Since the machine is still recent, I won’t write tips here. But feel free to PM for help.


It’s so simple but you should search for it.

User: a secret is hidden somewhere.
Root: a digit will work but don’t forget to track.

A ■■■■ good box for beginners :fire:

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Base64 encode your payload first, then use this as your payload:
echo ‘<base64_encoded_shell>’ | base64 -d | bash

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can I get a small hint for the root? I think am pretty close though

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Its only logical from there

You can exploit it on either page, dont let the port number hold you up

i think thats the easiest machine on this platform, looks like a THM box

Cool machine!

foothold: just google
user: open your eyes it’s right in front of you
root: copy the script on your PC and play with it, you’ll soon understand (2 steps)

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If you still havent figured it out, check this resource:

After going through the first part in root, how should I approach the second one?

Can I have an hint for the root ? I found the trick to bypass the password check but cannot find anything to do with it

create a script

Spy what’s happening and try to be WILD

I went wild at it, but I’m blocked and I know it’s right there, but my eyes can’t see… I’m open for tips for the second phase for root if anyone can DM me…

A very good machine, I really enjoyed this one.

User: keep trying things you see on google, trust me
Root: Its code, you know some WILD things you can put in an input. Just track the process and you are all done.

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Pwned! +1 @0xffffff

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