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here we go guys, good luck

Do i need to be a member ?? Not able to start the machine

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Same here network error all the time and now gateway errors. First blood was claimed after 2mins doesn’t really feel competitive.

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yeah lol seems like the prizes will not be distributed after all too could have used the academy voucher LOL

Yeah, its not even letting me submit the user flag. How does such a good platform have such a shitty website â– â– â– â– 

is the machine under maintenance?

Its brand new today - so yeah it was being reset and corrected for a while. seems to be working now though

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bad gateway error…what do i do ?

Switch VPN

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Thank you, it worked

Any leads for priv. esc.? It annoyed me so much :smiley:

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who created this machine??
Every two minutes machine kill all connections…

can anyone help, I have code execution but struggling to get reverse shell

look into CVE’s for the version. It’s actually quite straight-forward :slight_smile:

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I’m stumped on root, anyone found something?


Anyone able to tell me if I need the user’s password, I just have a shell and ssh access to user atm - I can’t check if I can run anything as sudo without the user’s password

I can get the machine to connect to my netcat listener, but when I change the remote cmd sent to the server to get a reverse shell, it doesn’t work :frowning:

I had this same issue, but the script I was using had a built in option to establish a reverse shell. If you’re not using this exact script (which you should be able to tell by the help menu), maybe look into java reverse shells?

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If you’re having issues with java versions when running POC, this was helpful to me: openjdk - Switch between multiple java versions - Ask Ubuntu