Noob needs help understanding LinEnum output

Dear fellow HTB Members,

I’m on the beginning of my journey and I’m now on my third Machine, trying to get root. User was easy but root is hard. The machine has a shell that you can access via a “Special” Program and from there I got me a reverse Shell. LinEnum however points me to something I don’t understand, maybe I’m missing to much Linux knowledge but it says:

User www-data may run the following commands on MACHINENAME:

What is the meaning of SOMEUSERNAME : SOMEUSERNAME? It’s no command?! I see that there is a User Folder in Home with that Name and I think it has something to do with it but I really don’t understand what LinEnum is saying in this Line. Any Chance someone can explain what LinEnum means in General with this Line?

Thank you

Hello making it short, this means you can, using the sudo command, run all commands as the user SOMEUSERNAME without supplying a password.
I recommend reading about the sudoers file for more details.

Thank you very much! I will learn more about sudo now!