Noob failing at the first hurdle

I have just recently joined the HTB family and was wondering for some advice. I have started on an easy machine (Blue) and have followed the walkthrough but the outcome of running the eternal blue exploit comes up as fail. Any ideas as to why this would happen?


This is difficult to answer without more details as there could be lots of reasons, depending what “fail” means.

For example, some of the oldest boxes were pwnd using older versions of the tools and as things get updated, it changes how effective an attack might be.

It could also be a configuration error in MSF or whatever tool you’ve used to launch the Eternal Blue exploit.

It could be a problem on the server. It might be worth searching through the threads on the box to see if anyone else has mentioned it.

Thank you for your response. I found out that the lhost on the show options settings of the exploit was configured to the wrong IP. used the set lhost tun0 command and it worked.