nmap issues?

Getting an odd one which appears to be recent, nmap is now requiring itself to run under sudo, sometimes with --privilage specified otherwise scans just fail.

It’s not the end of the world by any means but it would be nice not to have to sudo every time i wish to run nmap.

Immediate thought is it’s something to do with scans attempting to run over eth0 and ignoring tun0.

When performing a SYN scan (-sS) and a few others, you always had to run it with root privileges, since it needs to operate on raw sockets. And those are only available to users with the according privileges.
So, the question is: What did your nmap command look like?

nmap -p- --min-rate=1000 -T4

Well, yeah. By default, nmap will perform a SYN scan.
You can use a TCP connect scan nmap -sT ..., if ouy don’t want to run it as root :wink:

thanks, now i know :blush: