New linux smart enumeration tool

Hello guys, in case you want to test it, there is a new Linux enumeration tool in the block :). It tries to gradualy show the most important information for a privesc instead of just dumping a lot of information that in many cases is not useful.

Hopefully it is useful for somebody.

Suggestions and comments are very welcome.

Here is the link: GitHub - diego-treitos/linux-smart-enumeration: Linux enumeration tool for pentesting and CTFs with ve

Happy Hacking!

This came in quite handy today. I was lost in a machine with too much clutter, so the structured view and pointing out specifically interesting binaries helped a lot.

Looks cool! I’ll give it a try mate :smiley:

Gave this a try in Swagshop. Although not needed for swagshop box, I got to see how the tool worked, and I prefer it over LinEnum I think