New help with pentest

Hi there,

I have got the following scenario:

Base Machine --Got the root username and pw–>SSH box → pivot —> A windows server with Microsoft Windows - ‘srv2.sys’ SMB Code Execution vulnerability.

  1. I have tried use auxiliary/scanner/ssh/ssh_login and tried to upgrade to a metepreter shell for whatever reason it failed
  2. THE SSH box is installed with python but does not have SMB client
    Microsoft Windows - 'srv2.sys' SMB Code Execution (Python) (MS09-050) - Windows remote Exploit → the following exploit need SMB client to work
    a) for me to install smbclient I need to download package manually one by one and upload to the SSH box which is very troublesome.
  3. Network firewall is blocking everything except for 22,80,3306 from based machine
    What can I do to ease the situtation?