Need Help for ADCS skill assessment

In skill assessment I am using ESC8 and ESC11 attack scenario for first attack. I am stuck I can not connect to target
Here is my commands:

certipy relay -target -template DomainController

I tried to target but no result I also tried to use ```
certipy relay -target "rpc://" -ca "lab-WS01-CA" -template DomainController

To my second option I used coercer and PetitPotem

python3 -u BlWasp -p 'Password123!' -d 'lab.local'

I also tried to use coercer with above same IP
But I got error

I do not know what to do I need help I am stuck for 10 hour

EDIT: I used correct credentials with ‘tom’ and tom123 no result

you are on the right step, remember that petipotam is not the only tool when we talk about forcing a auth, use another tool