[MISC] Canvas

Once you guess the correct login name and password, you get a msg of login successful and given a flag : HTB{ some emoji}
That does not seem to be the correct flag - any hints that anyone can provide?

I am too stuck on that challenge. Any help?

this challenge is very very easy, try to look in the code

really simple challenge

Try to look in the code.

I have looked in the code, is there something special I need to do with the answer I have found? I would like to know why the AI logic on submitting flags is so bad? Is there a special format required besides what is shown in the code, or the curly brackets? I have tried both versions on the thing needed and they both fail.

For anyone still looking, the answer is not quite as easy as it seems (you need to do more than just open a file).
P.S. I hate challenges with red herrings that look just like a legitimate answer. I don’t mind red herrings, just not ones that look identical to what could be a real flag.


Serve the directory. Open the dev console. I’ll let you figure out the rest.
Don’t know if this is an oversight or if this challenge is really meant to be so easy.