[Forensics] Deadly Arthropod

Hello, i just solved this challenge but im having incorrect flag error. I’m sure flag is correct cuz mail address is correct. Could you help me?

You probably have a wrong flag ^^

the flag is in HTB{something} format

I hate to be the AOLer replying with a me too, but the python script I threw together manages to extract a string of characters with a pair of newlines, breaking it into three pieces. The last piece reads like a flag, and looks like a flag, but doesn’t submit like a flag. Any advice on what I might be missing?

@madcitygeek check that you are getting ALL the strokes… And think about what they do.

i’m stuck, can someone help me pls. i got the 2 strange codes. tks

Got it. If you need help PM.
Cheers from Portugal :+1:

OK, I’ve accounted for every keystroke and I’m still not able to get a flag that works. Could someone PM?