Metasploit Canon SMB


I’m an IT admin for a company and I’ve only just started. Since our old IT system partner has gone bankrupt, we need our access to the server technology. unfortunately this is no longer available. we are basically excluded from the system.

our printers were connected to the file server via SMB. the domain admin was used. I read the password as a hash with metasploit and canon_iradv_pwd_extract. Unfortunately I can’t connect to it, it seems to be wrong.
the encrypted password has 48 digits. does anyone know if I can get on with it or does anyone have another idea?

if you have username and password hash you can use crackmapexec to pass the hash and login into server

thank you for the reply.

i installed the windows version of it. currently my command is:

crackmapexec.exe [IP-adress] -u “user@domain.local” -H “HASH”

But i cant like an dir command according to CrackMapExec — Ptest Method 1 documentation

Am i blind?