Olympus Writeup by Saiyajin

Check this out, i just published it:

Hello @Saiyajin,

nice write-up.

I used the airgeddon offline cracker that is included with the tool, maybe is a bit faster than john.
I also used a small bash line to do the port knocking, I paste it to give another alternative:

for x in 3456 8234 62431; do nmap -Pn --host_timeout 201 --max-retries 0 -p $x; done

Good job :slight_smile:


Thank you @Saiyajin , nice write-up!


Good attempt.

Thank you for writing.

Please avoid using Metasploit because OSCP puts limitations on the use of Metasploit .

Try using manual methods instead of Metasploit.

Otherwise a good effort.