Matching Flag Hints to Submitted Flags (for example in Offshore-Lab)

Hi folks,
I got on quick question…
I´m hacking away in the Offshore-Lab and I pwned the third Domain now… During the progress i submitted 21 of the 38 flags.

Unfortunately I didn´t keep track on which flag belongs to which hint on the HtB-Website… Therfore I am now unable to match the hint on the website to the flags I submitted and therfore the system I found the specific flag on…

Is someone aware of any function which allows me to match a hint on the website I already successfully submitted to the exact flag I submitted?

Thank you very much for a quick response in advance :slight_smile:
Best regards

Sorry for the thread necro, but I’m in the same boat - finally got around to resubbing to Offshore and I only have 3 flags remaining, but I didn’t keep track of which hint corresponds to which flag, so I don’t know which machines to start looking.

Anyone know if there’s an answer to this one? When you enter a known flag into the web interface it just tells you “you already have this flag”, but not which named flag it is.