Offshore - stuck on NIX01

Just started the labs, I have the 3 flags from this machine, plus I can see what I need to use this machine as a pivot. I have the 2 files and have been throwing h***c*t at it with no luck. I’m running out of ideas on how to proceed. Any pointers/nudges?

Found the solution. I was convinced I had already looked there the same way I got the 3rd key, but I guess I screwed something up. Found what I needed, a pretty typical file for the service you’ll need this box for.

I also only got three flags. I also want to use them as a springboard. I seem to be stuck like you. I sincerely ask you some tips

The root user needs to listen very carefully

Thank you very much for remembering and replying two years later. Although I got the flag a few days ago, I’m still very grateful

Anytime, hope you have fun in the labs!