Machines keep being active, cant find support chat option

This week I’ve been having issues daily with machines not being able to terminate. They appear offline, but when I want to start a machine it tells me to terminate the other machine. This quite the time eater as in this situation I’m just trying random things until sth maybe works.

It happened a while back as well and I ended up contacting support, but this time around the option to contact support chat seems to have disappeared. This is very frustrating and I wonder what the ■■■■ is happening.

Does someone know how to fix this or have a deadsure way to contact support other than “there should be a bubble in the corner” or “on the main page there should be an option on the lower left”?

PS: Yes, Adblock is disabled.

Oof. Guess I needed to vent, but I found the chat option finally.

For anyone searching, the support chat can be found in the questionmark menu on the top page of → contact support and then “Send us a message”.

Imo this is hard to see as there is an option just below in the “contact support” menu that says “Contacting HTB Support”, which just gives some ambiguous instructions on how to contact support which are no longer valid.