Looking to join a group, and how to?

I am new to HTB and CTF and currently learning. I would be interested if there is a group or team out there that I can join to help learn from and have fun with? Main question though, how do I normally go about joining or trying to apply to a group/team?

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You can always join the Discord group, Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out. Feel free to DM if you have any queries.

PM me. I am new & learning, so maybe we can start a new “group/team” from the ground up.


if you are a new with HTB, try the Getting Started module in HTB Academy

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I’m in the same boat so feel free to hit me up as well. I would love to have a “crew” to learn with. Sounds like fun.

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Im Also Looking For Crew

same. but I am new