Looking for like-minded individuals

Hey there,

I am looking for someone or a group I can share stuff with about HTB, hacking and that sort of thing… I figured having people to be able to talk to would be

  1. Less boring
  2. Teaching & learning experiences
  3. Helping out - getting help

I am a Canadian who has been into hacking since 2008. Back when WiFi used WEP keys… Those were the good old days… http everywhere… I am a science & technology dude and I get along with pretty much everyone so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Discord = m4#7749

Inbox here works too, I’ll try to get back here to see the post and my inbox.

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whats up m4? your post caught my attention. Our team name is ‘strataGEM’ and we just made it into the top 200 as of today. We are still a relatively young team and there is only 3 of us. 2/3 are employed in info sec and theres some good knowledge shared. We mostly chat on discord in our server Discord . Feel free to stop by and join up if youd like to collaborate. We live this ish!