Looking for a team in germany.

Hello, i am new on HTB. But I am working towards the OSCP. So i am looking for a team to share knowledge and grow together. Maybe working/learning together for OSCP.

@m3ndax hit me up :slight_smile:

@m3ndax me too. I did like 60 boxes in the oscp lab

This is a somewhat late reply, but me and some other guys have a German-language HTB Telegram group. Not specifically OSCP-related, but I did get my OSCP a few months ago and some others in the group are also now working towards it. If you’d like to join, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Hallo, ich hätte auch Interesse :slight_smile:

ATeam ftw!

I send you a DM.

ich habe ein deutsches sprache :smiley: LoL