Learning binary exploitation/BoF

I often come up against challenges involving BoF and I never seem to get much further than overwriting RIP. Are there any good resources for learning it in practice? I’m particularly interested in pwntools.

do pwn challenges, learn ret2lib ROP, ippsec made a video called bitterman, try Frolic box

I learned a lot from the slmail example that is used on the OSCP, although outside of the lab period trying to find version (I think) 5.5 was difficult - there lots of writeup about it. Also John Hammond mentioned a really good technique and getting shells using BOF check out his OSCP video - wish I had seen it before the course, makes logical sense.

https://ropemporium.com/ - another good site for learning techniques

Dostackbufferoverflowgood is what made me understand, bof was the thing i was most scared about oscp

Check this out :wink:


Also if you are not new to binary exploitation and look for a site to exercise and develop your skills further then https://pwnable.tw/ is also a great resource with some very challenging exercises.