Calamity - Rooting Advice

Any good sites for learning gdb and overflows? I have got that far just stuck on where to start with that side of things. Not really done much as I’m still quiet new.

I’ll just drop a couple of links. I’d read along with these and practice, practice, practice. Calamity is the hardest BoF on the site though, so you might want to try a few others and come back to it later :slight_smile: good luck (I’ve heard these are good, not done myself)

Check out I’ve used that to get my mind around bof’s. has some good stuff as well, but It’s primarily for windows, so the tools and a couple techniques may be a bit different. You should definitely play with other bof for a while before you go after this one though.

There are couple good boxes on both of the below sites:

Cheers Guys, I will have a look. But like you said I might shelf it for a bit and come back once I have experience on that side.

The rest of it was very straight forward.

@MrEnDo … did you check the value in /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space?

another nice tool to add to the list is it’s also integrated into peda…