Beginner and Calimity machine

Hi to everyone! I’m new and i’m really n00b. I don’t know anything about hacking tecniques, i’m just trying to learning it (and i’m not so good). Actually i had started about 2 weeks ago with my first pen machine test on vulnhub and today i’m trying to penetrate the first “easy” machine here on HTB. I’m trying to penetrate “Calimity” machine but i can’t find the password for ssh (i’ve just find the main.php file that could help me… i think… but i don’t know how). I don’t know how could i go on :frowning: Please, could anyone help me or just give me some tips?
Thank you guys! xx

Calamity isn’t the best machine to start, I think. Try Blue, Mirai and Shocker first.

@zelsonm1 is right, there are easier machines to start than this, just check the user owns of Calamity and compare it with the root owns DD:

Calamity is arguably the hardest machine on HTB - as far as root, anyways. There are much much easier ones to start with like others have said. Try Shocker. Try Blue. Try Mirai. Try Blocky… Try Fulcrum… (trollface.jpg)

Thank you guys! But if i’ll need a tip how could i see the solution? Because i can’t find anything on the web (as the policy asks)…

only way is to wait for the box to retire off the list, might be best to go through some of the retired boxes and ippsec vids to get a feel for what youre in for. will cost for VIP but very worth it

Hey guys, I’ve been in Calamity for three days now, just to “trigger” something…Amazing experience! Now, I have triggered that “something” and I am know dealing with ROP. My head is about to explode…

starting with calamity is not good idea if u are starting. start with Blue