LAZYPARIAH: A CLI tool for quickly generating reverse shell payloads.

Hi everyone!

Something that I’ve found a little bit tedious at times when attacking machines is copying and pasting reverse shell payloads, changing the attacker IP address and port, and fiddling around with URL encoding, Base64 encoding, Gzip compression, etc.

There are some brilliant cheat sheets out there (like the Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet, for example), but to optimise things just that little bit further, I made a quick command-line tool (easily installable with gem install lazypariah).

Here’s the link to the Github page if anyone wants to give it a crack:

So far, it’s got payloads for Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash, PHP, Netcat, Awk, Socat, Java and C. The Java and C payloads are compiled on the fly (and require OpenJDK and GCC respectively).

Happy hacking! :smile:

(2020/11/23: Edited to reflect changes in version 0.3.0.)