Lame - Service Version Detection

Greetings all,

I am revisiting boxes I have already done to do them again and work on my reporting skills and I am noticing something weird on Lame.

I can’t seem to get the exact version of the service running on **5.

All of the write-ups I have looked at show their nmap scans returning the exact version. All I get is a version range despite replicating the scan settings from the write-ups exactly.

Any insight you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I just used Nmap Script “smb-os-discovery.nse” to pinpoint the exact SMB Version of the Target OS. It was working just fine. Maybe reverting the box would help.

I hadn’t tried that script yet, I will try now.

Thanks !

SMB is not the only one way for this box :wink: did you try with a full nmap scan?

@DoeJohn2088 thanks! work for me!

does any one knows how to go about this services all my attempts have failed " Now our client wants to know if it is possible to find out the version of the running services. Submit the version of the service our client was talking about as the answer."

i was thought that UDP port 137 version is the answer … still missing direction, seems like the hints “client require large amount of data” is point to UDP but all I found the confirm open UDP port is 137 only