Javascript deobfuscation room

I found this flag in the deobfuscation part but it says the answer is wrong? HTB{ju57_4n07h3r_r4nd0m_53r14l}

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Make sure you insert the flag without spaces. Only HTB{flag}

Query : Using what you learned in this section, try to deobfuscate ‘secret.js’ in order to get the content of the flag. What is the flag?

what i did :- go to secret.js in browser use it’s code deobfuscate using deobfuscateio then unpack using unPacker i got one flag i.e var flag = “HTB { 1_4m_7h3_53r14l_g3n3r470r!}” i tried it but it is wrong then i used curl **curl -s -X POST “” **i got reply N2gxNV8xNV9hX3MzY3IzN19tMzU1NGcz ,i decoded it using base64 i got serial i.e. 7h15_15_a_s3cr37_m3554g3 i used curl -s -X POST “” -d “serial=7h15_15_a_s3cr37_m3554g3” i got reply HTB{ju57_4n07h3r_r4nd0m_53r14l} i entered it but site says it is wrong answer what should i do