Javascript Deobfuscation Module - Retrieve the 'flag' variable

I’m in the last section of Javascript Deobfuscation Module, and I’m stucked with the challenge to retrieve the flag variable.
The steps I did so far is to get the source code and the js file. I’ve run the js code and try to console.log the flag variable, but I get: “flag variable doesn’t exist”. Not sure what to do, as I’ve also tried to include the value I see in the code directly, but it’s not correct neither ("3v3r_|_run_0…)
Any hints on the good direction?
Thank you!!

what i can say is try runnng one of the curl commands from the module. (hint: use the cheat sheet!) hope this helps if you havent already found it

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You only need to find the flag variable in the code and delete the ‘+’ signs. By mistake, you deleted the n character at the beginning.