Issues using wireshark in Initial Enumeration of the Domain module of ACTIVE DIRECTORY ENUMERATION & ATTACKS

In this module you’re asked to RDP into an attack box your employer has set up for you on their internal network so you can enumerate as an attacker with a foothold could. I successfully log into the parrot attack box and try to use the wireshark in the gui but it will not open at all, when I try in a terminal it does open as htb-student but no traffic is shown at all likely because not root but when try as root wireshark will not open at all

Just wanted to respond to this since I had the same issue and needed to find the fix.
$ export XAUTHORITY=~/.Xauthority
More detailed explanation for why this is the fix here: debian - Why can't I run GUI apps as root: "No protocol specified"? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

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