Lame - Video Walkthrough

This is my first walkthrough for HTB. After reading the guidelines, I understood that it’s okay to post writeups for retired machines, but not for active machines. Anyway, Lame was really easy and I’m looking forward to work on other more challenging retired machines.

Hi, the video looks great. Thanks for sharing.
I can’t exploit the vulnerability. Wondering that I might have something missed, I got "Exploit completed, but no session was created"after running Metasploit. Any idea what I should check?

Try reset the machine and see if it works.

I have the same problem even after reseting the machine. Did you find what’s causing this issue?

EDIT* The problem was the firewall rules. Flush your firewall and you’re ready to go

@p3r14n3gr4 how do you flush your firewall in Kali?