Internet connection speed during OSCP exam?

I am planning on giving the OSCP exam, but I am not sure I would be able to do it because of my Internet connection. I have a 3G enabled Internet that I run from my phone. Most of the time it is 3GB with speed of around 1 to 2 Mbps but sometimes it drops to 2G at which point it becomes useless.

So, I wanted to ask the people who had given the OSCP exam, do you need a very high speed internet connection, because you have to run enumeration and also you will be monitored using webcam. So what is the recommendation. Getting a landline or satellite connection is very expensive and out of my budget.

Should I schedule the exam or just wait till I get rich enough to get a fast Internet connection?

Hey there… This snippet is from Ofensive Security’s official page : Requirements

In addition to our recommended prerequisites above, we require students to be at least 18 years old to take a course. There are limited exceptions, with rigorous application checks for younger students who wish to apply.

For hardware, we recommend a minimum of 4 GB of RAM installed with at least a dual-core CPU and 20 GB of free hard drive space.

The connection to the labs is done with OpenVPN using Kali Linux. You should use a stable, high speed Internet connection such as broadband or higher to access the labs, not mobile internet (3G/4G/5G data connection).

You can read the whole thing here

Hope that helps !