OSCP lab period

I’m thinking about starting my OSCP preparation.

Here in HTB, I’ve owned 60+ boxes overall, with 14 currently active.
My rank is Pro Hacker, and am working to get Elite Hacker.

So basically I’m familiar with pen testing and Kali, so I won’t need to spend a lot of time learning the syllabus. I think I just need to get familiar with the environment.

So, do you guys think 30 days is enough for the lab, or should I go for more? Also, am I allowed to take the exam before finishing the lab period?

Appreciate any input :slight_smile:

I’ve never done OSCP but everyone I’ve ever spoken to about this says get as much lab time as you can and spend as much time in the labs as you can.

Hey 23Y4D,
I took the 30 days OSCP lab and was enough for me. You will generally need about a week for the syllabus AND I totally recommend you to complete ALL the exercises. This is from where you must start. Then proceed to the lab machines. For the 3 remaining weeks I dedicated in penetrating lab boxes more than 8 hours per day. You will have to do much effort with the 30-days period preparation. I suppose with the 60-days you will not be so much under pressure.
If you are allowed to take the exam before finishing the lab period I think the answer is no, but I am not 100% sure. But I totally recommend to use ALL the days you will pay for and try to exploit as many boxes as you can.
Hope it helps.

Sounds like you have the ground work, but it depends how much active time you can throw at the labs & don’t forget to weigh in some time for the courseware too, most say about a week (but again depends on available time). There’s always the option to extend your lab time, which is a little more than buying it up front.

Regards booking the exam, as I understand it you can take the exam before your lab expires, what you might find is availabilty being the problem. OffSec recommend booking it as far out as you can, and in my experience I had to book about a month in advance. So when you get your link, just check it, you don’t have to commit there and then + you can shift the date a couple of time too.

I really recommand you 60 days, but i have a friend who past it in 30 days after two attempts

I know for a fact that if one extends lab time, you can book and take your exam before that time expires. I extended my lab time several times, and when I took my exam I still had about 2 weeks of lab time remaining. After taking the exam I went back into the labs and popped one of the 2 boxes I had remaining.