Interesting files on Windows

Hi all,

So a bit of a generic question here. I have been working on a Windows box. I have access to an FTP share which gives me access to the root of the disk (C:/, or whatever letter it uses). Using this, I tried:

  • Uploading files → this isn’t allowed anywhere
  • Home directories of users → not allowed
  • Web application files (which runs on the box as well) to get credentials
  • Config files from installed services
  • Files from here: → these files either don’t contain anything sensitive on my box, or I have no access to these files.

None of these things gave me info that I could use to get a shell. I know that without more context it’ll probably be hard to give any specific advice, but I’m wondering whether I’m missing something obvious, or what your next steps/thoughts would be to try and get in. Please let me know if you have any ideas/tips!