Windows Machines.

Hello everyone,

So I am fairly familiar with various *nix flavors and have managed to own a few of the Linux boxes.

Recently I decided to try my hand at an easy Windows box (Jeeves) and it immediately dawned on me that I know next to nothing about Windows CMD traversal (well ok, so I know how to cd, dir, type and very basic traversal). When it comes to enumeration, priv esc, and anything more than basic navigation I am completely lost.

Does anyone have any pointers or good resources for learning the ropes of Windows machine exploitation?

A couple of important pieces I feel I am missing are:
Remote file upload (Like wget, although I believe I can still use wget and curl)
File downloads (although I suppose if netcat is available I can still send with that)
Where a http server might host files (for instance and equivalent of /var/html/www/ I realize this is probably http server application specific)
Any sort of user ‘pivoting’ (ie. sudo su)
Showing directory listings with associated permissions (what I can and cannot access)

I apologize if this sounds like I have not done the proper research. Perhaps I am just feeling overwhelmed. Any pointers in the correct direction and I will happily do my best to research what I can come up with!