HxSEALs Discord - Invite

Hey all. Been on HTB a little while now, and wanted to network better with others who are like-minded. If you’re serious about your craft, and want to help others learn, as well as be helped…you’re welcome to join, and talk boxes, techniques, off-topic, whatever.

No spoilers, I don’t care if you’re a newbie or elite…just be here to learn and to give back to others in the process too.

The server invite is: Discord

Also thinking we can do a weekly joint box mission or something to that effect - not to spoil things for each other, but just as an exercise to add some pressure and fun. Nothing like trying to beat your friends in a race to root :slight_smile:

New invite link - old one expired: Discord

New invite- jan 8- they expire every 24 hours- Discord

interested. please send me invite.

I’m interested !

Interested as well!

Link is invalid, I’d be interested

heey, could i have an invitelink?