HTB Meetup in Germany?

Hi HTB-Fam,

who would be interessted in a HTB-Meetup in Germany?
(Hamburg is lovely g)



Ich würde das sehr begrüßen ^^


Count me in! Maybe a location which is more in the center of germany would be better, but I would not mind Hamburg as well :slight_smile:

@Baikuya same.
I’m from franconia, so it’s a far way to Hamburg.
But if only HH is possible, so what, we can do this :slight_smile:

Well im from zurich so yeah, I‘d appreciate a location in the center or south of gernany :slight_smile:

depending on whether or not i’ll be back home in germany i’d love to come too! central germany is also more practical for me

Sounds good! Hamburg would work for me, Berlin would be even nicer :wink:

@x41 seems like the center is more prefered :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe around Fulda/Erfurt ?

sounds good!

Hamburg was just my suggestion because I live there and am a lazy mofu. ;D
But I understand that the location need to fit everybodys need.

Let’s collect some ideas in the pad below and see where we end up.

Please check the Meetup-Pad again and enter your name if you would like to come.
Atm just 5 people entered their names. This won’t be enough for a meetup.

9 right now

Wird ja langsam

Oh, cool! I’m in.

Zeh germans are coming!

12 ppl now. Which is a good i guess.
Shall we talk about a Date/Location?

Köln ist der ■■■■ meine freunde :smiley:

Köln ist mir suspekt, das Bier wird in shotgläsern serviert ;D

@x41 can you create a Poll where we can vote for the Date and Location?