Htb-cli - Interact with Hackthebox using your terminal - Be faster and more competitive!

Hi everyone,

I’ve developed a tool to interact with the HackTheBox API. It’s up to date and still maintained.
Feel free to test it and give feedback !

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great work and thanks for sharing.
I’ve tested it last week for the seasonal machine and it seems like the spawning machine wasn’t correctly(Broker instead of Monitored) but I cannot reproduce it yet. Actually I hope to compensate network errors but in the end the IP wasn’t shown and starting the machine via the website worked. So might be some old issues(v.1.5.0) but if they raise again I’ll report them.

Hi, yes indeed, the problem must be solved on the dev branch. I advise you to switch to it with : go install
Many bugs have been fixed.

Thanks for the advice, that’s the way I’ve already done it and now it works like a charm.
I guess it is already on you list but some kind of interation would be the ice on the cake. E.g. htb-cli machines and afterwards you can select and start the machine via arrows or number selection…

Perfect if it works well ! Regarding your idea for improvement, it is currently being developed for the “Improve TUI (v2)” task. I am switching the library which will allow to do keyboard interactions more easily as you requested :wink:

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New version v1.6.0 available !