HTB Academy - Networking | Subnetting (Network Address & Broadcast Address)

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!

I have an inquiry about a specific section within the Subnetting section of the Networking Module.

I know how to find the network address and the broadcast address of any IPv4 address as well as how to find the subnets and numbers and any respective class of an address.

Here is some context on the IPv4 address and subnet mask for some context before continuing:

  • IPv4 Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • CIDR:

Context - 2: What puzzles me is the section right beneath the Broadcast Address of the Subnetting section, namely: “Since we now know that the IPv4 addresses and are assigned, all other IPv4 addresses are accordingly between Now we know that this subnet offers us a total of **64 - 2** (network address & broadcast address) or **62** IPv4 addresses that we can assign to our hosts.”

Question: Where, for the love of god, does it find the 64 - 2 portion or 62, aka (the network address & broadcast address) that we can assign to the hosts? What bugs me is that it just blatantly says here is what it is, but without giving a reason behind why it is that way. It’s been a headscratcher for quite some time and I still cannot find out. Without this, I cannot understand the part beneath about Subnetting Into Smaller Networks.

Your help will be very much appreciated! Thank you and happy holidays.