HTB Academy - INTRODUCTION TO WINDOWS COMMAND LINE - Start the Windows Defender Service

The question is: If we wanted to start the Windows Defender Service, what command would we use?

I think I’ve tried every possible combination of ‘Start-Service’, ‘Net start’, ‘sc start’ and name, displayname WinDefend, ‘Windows Defender’, ‘Windows Defender Service’, ‘Windows Defender Antivirus Service’ and so on, most of which will actually start the service in the real world, but none are accepted as answer by ’ THE ACADEMY’.

Does anybody know what I have to put in to convince the academy that I can actually start a service from the windows command line? (And finish the module)

I haven’t done the module but this is what I know could maybe work:

sc start WinDefend

net start WinDefend

sc start "WinDefend"

wmic service where name="WinDefend" call startservice

powershell.exe -Command "Start-Service -Name WinDefend"
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None of these work either :grin:

But it was…

Start-Service WinDefend

no -Name, no quotes

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you talking about a powershell one?

Yes, the module is mainly about PowerShell.

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