How to use Academy spawned target with Virtual Box.

I have a Kali Virtual Box. In that I connect to the VPN that I’m assigned by HTB. In Academy I spawn the target for the tutorial but I cannot access that through my Virtual Box, only through the Browser-Based Instance that I spawn in the academy. Do I need to connect to a different VPN? How?

For most HTB Academy target machines, you don’t need to connect to VPN to access them as they come with a Public IP address. There are a few target machines within HTB intranet, then you need VPN to be able to make the connection. In such case, make sure your TUN interface is correctly setup ( check it by ‘ip a’ , and tun0 interface should have IP like

Did you download the academy ovpn file? That’s a different one than the regular HTB file. On most modules you can find it next to the questions at the bottom of the page.