How to use a virtual phone number to bypass MeetMe verification?

There is nothing difficult about it. Just sign up for the service for SMS activation sms-man. After you deposit your balance ($0,13 will be enough), you will get an opportunity to use a virtual number to verify MeetMe without phone right away.

Use the search form on the main page, to pick up a suitable number for a necessary platform. In this case, you will need to search for MeetMe. A number will cost you only $0,13. You will receive a message with a verification code from MeetMe to this particular number.

To successfully complete registration on this dating source, enter the code from the SMS. In such a way, you can create an unlimited amount of profiles. You are also free to choose an operator from any country, your current location does not matter.

Have you used this method on other dating apps?

Using a virtual SMS number to bypass MeetMe verification is a clever hack. I haven’t tried it myself, but it sounds pretty straightforward based on your explanation. It’s good to know that you can use a virtual number from any country, so you can keep your location private if you want to.
I think virtual SMS numbers are becoming more popular these days, especially for people who don’t want to share their real phone numbers with everyone. I’ve used a virtual sms number australia before and it worked great for me. It’s also good to know that the cost is pretty low, so it’s affordable for most people.