Hi guys, I’m a nice and smiley girl who likes to help people. But some of them use my number to harass me! I would like to know what I can do. I would like they also get stress on them telefon, as they do with me! Any Idea?
Thank you in advance!

Yeah, well, do to others as you wish someone would do to you. So do not take revenge on anyone. If you are being harassed then you could send the numbers to the police and they will take care of it. But since this is a Hacking forum I am going to tell you some things that you can do. First is to get some info about a phone number and I will have my good friend here explain this to you:

from that you could try tools that send anonymous messages and SMS bombers although there are no good Sms bombers on the web maybe dark web has them I haven’t checked but overall that is all you can do with phone numbers. It is basically just info-gathering and some spoofing.