Host seems down error -Pn

Hi there, I have just begun my journey into HTB. I have VIP access and when I first run a nmap scan on a box, in this case Lame, nmap -A, I have a successful report. After I complete the box, and move on to another one like SwagShop: my result is this:

“Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -Pn”

After seeing this error I then run a nmap scan: nmap -A -Pn
and I get the following results:

Too many fingerprints match this host to give specific OS details.
It then gives a traceroute information.

  1. To confirm, VIPs have access to ALL boxes, retired or not correct?
  2. I am connected to the VPN properly, so what could cause the error: “Host seems down…”
  3. With the command " nmap -A -Pn" is the result enough information to move forward to next clue to capture the flag?

I am a little lost but determined to find an answer! I appreciate those for reading this post and that can help out. Thank you all.