Help with Nmap

Whatever I do, nmap just doesn’t work with the HTB machines. It always print “Host seems down. Try -Pn and go f*** yourself” (well… not exactly). And when I try the -Pn argument, it takes SOOOO long and it’s still showing no ports!!! Another problem, I just can’t go on the machines IP using a web browser, it’s just printing “The delay is passed. You will never go on this site a**hole” (again, not exactly). Please help me!!!

to connect to HTB machines, challenges, labs you need a VPN connection; there are different VPN configurations file to download based on what you need to connect to

to make sure you are doing everything right:

  1. run the openvpn command as root: sudo openvpn filename.ovpn
  2. try pinging the provided ip to see if you are connected to the right VPN: ping IP_ADDR

if the ip is reachable that means you are probably good to go (mind that some boxes need some extra time to setup but it usually doesn’t take long), if you get some messages like “host unreachable” then you are probably connected to the wrong vpn
try re-downloading the vpn file from the website making sure you are selecting the right configuration and try again

Are you using pwnbox? There are 2 different pwnboxes for the current seasonal machine and for the others