Help Windows Attack and Defense Print Spooler

Having trouble with submitting the answer to the last question. I completed the attack, connected to DC1, changed the registry to prevent the attack and restarted DC1 and attempted the attack again. The question says to submit the error message as the answer when running from the kali machine it lets us spawn. I copied and pasted the error message but it tells me the answer is wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.

Error message that i received.
[-] unhandled exception occured: [Errno Connection error (] timed out

I managed to find the correct answer!

If anyone needs help, feel free to reach out!

Can you help me out with this? I can’t seem to connect to DC1 from kali machine?

same here. Everything was fine just like the instruction. but after making the registry value to 2 and restarting DC1, the error message from the isn’t the answer. I don’t know what went wrong here.

finally got it. its the format issue. It’s kinda silly. Just copy the entire error msg.

rdp to kali first. From there, rdp to dc1 with your shell

I’m slightly stuck! I did everything I believe correctly, but am having an issue… maybe formatting? I got the following error, which is incorrect.

[-] exception RPRN SessionError: code: 0x6ab - RPC_S_INVALID_NET_ADDR - The network address is invalid.

Any advice?