Having trouble finding this site

So i have started this machine

I have connected to machines with open VPN like the instructions say
When I ping there is no problem


But when I try to visit I get this:

I think the problem is that I am connected behind a firewall? How can I fix it?
I use Oracle VM and the virtual machine’s operating system is Parrot OS
I have tried it many times but I always get “We are having trouble finding that site”.

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No, everything you need to troubleshoot the issue is in the screenshots. I don’t mean to be vague and unhelpful or even rude, but these are basics you need to understand.

Ask yourself:

  • What does HTTP code 301 mean?
  • What does your browser do with that 301 response?
  • How does DNS work?

I’d recommend doing some of the Starting Point machines, as they walk you through this.

“Before you learn to run, you must learn to walk.”

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Thanks a lot, I fixed it! This also helped : hosts (file) - Wikipedia

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