Having issues with HTB academy

Hey guys!
So I’m a beginner trying to solve the tests on HTB academy. but can’t figure out just one question.
“Which kernel version is installed on the system? (Format: 1.22.3)”

I’ve run all the commands crossing my mind but it doesn’t work
tried kernel version, release, ran all the commands related to kernel, uname
but nothing yet

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I guess you’re talking about the System Information section of Linux Fundamentals (it really helps if you’re specific about what you need help with!).

There is a command presented in the same section that shows the kernel version - if you need more information on which command this is, try a google search for “find linux kernel version”.

I am facing the same problem. I have tried all (e.g. 5.10.28/5.10.28-6/5.10.0-6) but every time it is showing “Incorrect Answer” ! Can anyone please help?

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