Hacking Wordpress - Directory Indexing

I have searched every possible Wordpress directory for the flag and have come up empty handed, can someone give this frustrated dummy a hint? I even looked up the full tree of Wordpress and searched every pathway systematically, feeling stuck

ahh i was overthinking it and trying ridiculous things instead of sticking to the basics, i will leave my hint here in case anyone needs it in the future:


so instead of bashing through the default directories or clicking around, remembered the trick to just look at the page source. While you cannot browse /wp-content/ by referencing the parent folder, the page source of the index reveals that they are using some familiar themes…

ok, clearly i am either way overthinking this or i am just lost. any nudge? I have gone trough the source and tried all possible folders etc.

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Yep, indeed i was overthinking it as usual

Hey there, any further hints on this? I’ve been stuck on this problem for ages. I’ve gone through all the directories, looked at the source code but I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

try to check the below path