I feel like I’m missing something on Hackerman. Seems like I’m almost there, but I’m not quite sure where to go from here. Anyone who has solved this able to push me in the right direction or PM? Thanks!

WOW, i feel like an idiot… disregard, apparently i didn’t drink enough coffee today. Or too much.

can u give a hint? i’m lost

Sure. How far have you gotten? There should be something that sticks out when going through the typical first few steps

i stop in almost…
i tried all filters but nothing…

in for stuck at “almost”, theres something else here just not sure what

@fhlipZero said:
in for stuck at “almost”, theres something else here just not sure what

if you are almost there, you are there. :wink:

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>>>>>>… got it, i love you all lol

Wow i feel like im Dumb. i Also got the “almost” but i just dont get it - starring at this for 3 days now.

Still can’t get this one. Found the “almost” but I do not know what else to do, I have tried entering al forms of “almost” but (of course) there is zero success. I tried putting it in a steg tool and nothing worked.

Could anyone give a little hint or push in the right direction? im still stuck in this.

If you have found the almost, then you literally are almost there!! It’s a steg challenge so go to your most obvious steg challenge app on kali and use what you have found!!

Thanks Andrewh! sometimes im just overthinking. :+1:

how did you find the almost?

i am also confuse with hackerman.how you find the almost?

Once you’ve figured out how to almost get the flag, you can use a certain program that will allow you to embed or extract info within images very easily. I had to install the program I used, but there might be one that will do the same thing already on linux. Just try to research different programs that will allow you to extract data from stego files.

Once you have that, the rest is very intuitive.

Please? Give a hint, strings and xxd is a right way? And what i need to do with almost then?

What app do u use to extract hiden Steg?

strings and xxd