Hack the box academy subscription

If I were to buy the hack the box academy student monthly subscription, will that subscription last for 30 days or does it expire by the end of the month ?
I want to buy the student subscription but it’s the end of the month and I don’t want to loose money.
Thanks for your answer

Hello Friend

Not sure if you found your answer, but I can tell you what my experience has been with Academy. I was paying for the subscription which where I was earning cubes each month for the track that I was following. You keep the cubes and content with your profile once they are paid for. If the content expires, I have not seen it.

You can purchase cubes without a subscription, just need a membership I believe. You earn cubes back for some of the answers too as you move through content. In the upper right corner of your dashboard is a button to purchase cubes - scroll down toward the bottom of the page (in case you haven’t seen that yet).

I hope this helps.