Can't buy cubes or unlock content

Hello, something is wired this morning. The academy page works not correctly for me. The PopUps are not showing up anymore. If you click unlock on a module, I expect the PopUp (overlay) to agree my unlock.

On the subscription page the same, I can’t buy any cubes, because no Popups are shown up. I took a look at the console and what I see is

I tried Firefox and Chrome.

Anyone has the same problem?


This might be a silly thought, but I have noticed a similar thing happen on other sites and I have found my VPN to be the issue. Not sure if you are connecting to the site via VPN. But maybe try it without?

Obviously just ignore this if you aren’t using a VPN lol.

Thanks man, not the VPN directly but the DNS I’m using over the VPN. AdBlocking stuff was activated and I didn’t noticed that.