Getting Startet WordPress Backup-Plugin

Hello dear community,

I have decided to learn pentesting professionally with Hack The Box. I have started with the education section and unfortunately I can’t cope with the first major task. I have currently spent exactly 5 days with exactly this problem and think that now the learning effect is the highest, but also comes slowly the frustration. Therefore I need your support. The following problem:

Try to identify the services running on the server above, and then try to search to find public exploits to exploit them. Once you do, try to get the content of the ‘/flag.txt’ file. (note: the web server may take a few seconds to start)

What I have tried:
-Extensive portscan with NMAP

  • Tried to get some infos with the help of gobuster
  • googled about 5h about simple backup and wordpress and understood what it is about
  • With msfconsole tried to find a suitable exploit (relatively sure the right one).
  • With my recharce on Google tried to download a /flag.txt from the URL which is unfortunately empty.

Now I have changed the setting of the already mentioned exploit so many times, because I assumed that I am just too stupid to use this. And as already mentioned now the despair begins slowly. I hope that I get support from you.

Greetings a new noob under profihacker <3

The awnser is in the plugin itself combined with metasploit. I dont wanna spoil the suprise so thats all i can say. Sorry for the late response :slight_smile: